Saturday, February 7, 2009

Woman Sets Breast Implants Record: 38KKK

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So tell me why??? What is gained in having the largest breast in the world? I'm at a loss for words and I'm not really impressed at all. I like most men can appreciate a nice pair of breast on a normal woman but this is too much. I think it has been said..."Too much of a good thing is a bad thing" and I don't find this as a good thing. this young lady obviously has a different sent of goals in mind by going through this procedure, her 9th! Can you say up and coming adult film star or headline stripper. I'm not trying to put her on blast...she did that herself but sometimes people take things to the wrong extreme. There is a link to her site and you can look for yourself and draw your own conclusion but the consensus agreement from men I got was this is too far over the top to the point that its not exciting! Take a look and you make your own decision on if this is something you can understand because I can't!

Mr. Lovettelli Has Spoken and you will listen!

Woman Sets Breast Implants Record: 38KKK

Thursday, February 05, 2009

A woman from Texas has reportedly undergone nine breast enlargement operations to become the proud owner of the world's largest breast implants — size 38KKK.

American doctors had refused to carry out any more operations on Sheyla Hershey, 28, when her breasts were a staggering 34FFF, but that didn't stop her from going under the knife for the record breaking surgery.

"To me, big is beautiful. I don’t think I have anything to worry about," the Houston-resident said.

Still determined to increase her bustline, Hershey jetted off to Brazil where there are no limits on the size of implants.

The surgery required a full gallon of silicone.

Click to view photos of Sheyla Hershey.

Her British ex-boyfriend, who initially paid for her plastic surgery, was dumped after he begged her to stop with the surgery.

"I loved him very much but I had to leave him to follow my dream," she said.


  1. "I loved him very much but I had to leave him to follow my dreams". Translation: I stayed with you long enough so that you could pay for my breast implants. Oh well, she will make a great porn star!!!!!!!

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