Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Fashion-forward first lady hits all the right notes!

Who say's the First Lady of the United States can't have her own fashion sense and style? Michelle Obama is doing what a First Lady should be doing. Looking good (great) and bringing an air of sexiness and romance back to the White House! Not to say other presidential wives didn't but it has been a long time since the White House had a younger and still attractive First Lady!

Ok, let's be real for a moment, Mrs Obama is hot looking in the black dress as she is deplaning Air Force One in Prague!

It's hard to believe (well not really) that she has accomplished so much in her professional life and still was able to have to children, support her husband and keep family structure and values as her top priority.

The President looks happy to escort her down the stairs and they look great as a couple! He still looks at her like they were dating and he is still try to get that first date.

Hello black or white America and all in between, we can all learn that this is a pretty good model to follow in today's society for couples with or without kids to.

So if you don't think it's possible to maintain a houshold, have a career, raise children and support each other your sadly mistaken! It's possible but you as a couple will both have to want it and realize that your success is not when your 30 years old but in your early to mid 40's and that's when you can really enjoy life! So fellas get up and treat your lady like the First Lady (of your home) and mean it and ladies support your man, run the household when he is not there like your the President and when your together do it as a team and hopefully you to can have a piece of what the President and the First Lady have! Success at home and in public and enjoy the benefits in the future days!

Mr. Lovettelli Has Spoken And You Will Listen!

(InStyle) articleI can't find it anywhere in the Constitution, so maybe there is a first lady dress code buried in an obscure addendum to the Voting Rights Act of 1965, since every mistress of the White House for the last four decades has chosen a wardrobe that follows a particular one with near pathological devotion.

President Obama and first lady Michelle Obama arrive in Prague, Czech Republic, in early April.

No sooner does her inaugural ballgown get spirited away to the Smithsonian, then out it comes: The First Lady Suit -- that tailored, multibuttoned blazer over a skirt straighter than an Ionic column in a primary, patriotic or tastefully unobjectionable color.
So did someone not give Michelle Obama the memo? "This is Camelot the Sequel," he told AFP, referring to the name given to the brief White House reign of John F. Kennedy and his wife Jackie, seen as a golden era for the US presidency.

"We didn't tire of Camelot for well over two years and we still haven't really yet."
The family images, while all carefully controlled, "help humanize the new president, help him govern, after all how many families are there out there struggling to bring up kids in this economy?" Watson added.

And unlike the Kennedys, the Obamas come from ordinary, middle-class families, born without the advantages of privilege and wealth.
It is exactly this image of the family next door, which so many Americans as well as people around the world, find both endearing and inspirational, analysts argue.
"They represent more than just the president and first lady, more than just partisan Democrats, more than just African-Americans," said Carl Sferrazza Anthony, historian to the Ohio-based National First Ladies' Library.
"It's almost like they represent a new way of how we should be thinking about ourselves, and that is the way people respond to them."
Because during these first 100 days, our newest first lady has banished every version of this silhouette as if they were all designed by the House of Dick Cheney. Instead, Mrs. Obama has defined with remarkable acuity what flatters a tall, broad-shouldered and curvaceous working woman who knows exactly who she is and where she is going.
With an enviable eye for color and layering, she has fashioned a riveting parade of on- and off-the-shoulder dresses, cardigans, cinched trenches, leggings, wide-legged trousers and full skirts, working them in intense florals or unexpected hues such as chartreuse and emerald. InStyle.com: Obama's favorite designers

In addition, like every woman who gets a kick out of dressing up, she knows the power of accessories -- a cool flat boot, a wide belt, a statement necklace.

The thrilling result? Women across this country (and the world) are exclaiming almost daily, "Look at that print! I love that color! Where can I get that sweater?" Watch how the first lady has become a style icon »
What's more, not only does our first lady proudly stride with the confidence and warmth of a modern American woman, but the wardrobe she steps out in boasts relevance, comfort, and -- dare we say it? -- sex appeal. InStyle.com: Try on Obama's hairstyle

The fashion industry may have occasionally sniped, but come on, does anyone really give a damn if it's appropriate to wear a cardigan to meet the queen?
What does count is that each time we've caught that man of hers watching her walk into a room during their first 100 days, we have witnessed both a dynamic new first couple -- and a wife whose husband unashamedly only has eyes for her. The clothes are cool, but even better is the fact that Michelle Obama has brought romance back to the White House.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Disney’s First Black Princess, Now Say Thanks To The Obama's

Snow White was the first Disney princess to be featured on the big screen in 1937. Now, 72 years later Disney is introducing their latest princess —Tiana. She’s the new “fairest of them all” and she’s making history as Disney’s first black princess.
“Finally, here is something that all little girls, especially young black girls, can embrace. And that is huge,” says Cori Murray of Essence Magazine.
Tiana’s timing couldn't be better. The fairy tale princess comes on the heels of what some call a real-life fairy tale: The Obama's.

“This is the perfect one-two punch with Michelle Obama being the first African American first lady in the White House. She has really turned into this style icon. Now we have Princess Tiana. It’s just a great time to be an African American woman because we are being showcased everywhere in great light,” says Murray.

While Tiana’s story shares some similarities with previous princesses she is a more modern princess. She has her own career; far different from cartoons of years past. Racial stereotypes used to be everywhere, even in some Disney productions.
But times have changed says marketing guru Linda Kaplan Thaler.

“It used to be that we would see people in black face, we would see minstrel shows we would see black people portrayed in subservient positions. And it is so wonderful that we have finally moved past these stereotypes.”
In recent years Disney has made of point of creating princesses who are more diverse. First there was Jasmine, Pocahontas, then Mulan, and now, Tiana.

Disney’s marketing machine is in high gear. The doll was unveiled last month at the American International Toy Fair. The movie will be out by the end of the year.
It’s called “The Princess and the Frog.” Set in New Orleans, Tiana is a waitress and a budding chef. She kisses a frog who, no surprise, turns out to be a prince.

Kaplan Thaler says that’s where the story still needs some work.
“I think there are a lot of girls even at 5 and 6 years old who might scratch their head and go ‘I don’t know. I don’t know if it’s going to be solved by a prince. I don’t know if a frog is going to do it.’”

So as monumental as this may be for Disney and the U.S., what is the next thing that Disney will do to become more culturally diverse in their on screen characters? A Mexican princess with a Mexican name and she will speak in Spanish throughout her roles in the movies to appeal to the Latin faces in the U.S.? Who knows but I hope a movie is not made that depicts them in a bad way, like she is going to where she lives and gets there by any means necessary...if you know what I mean.

So will Disney pair up this new princess with a black prince??? Hell to the naw!!! That will be the "other day" like President Obama getting the highest office in the land. I think some people will make sure that doesn't happen for a long while. I can hear it now "blacks have Obama, now they want a black prince at Disney, what else do they want?" A black Pope...maybe??? We shall see what comes down the road next! Disney doesn't want a black prince (King) but they are promoting interracial dating and or marriage??? Disney what's next metro sexual animals???

Black women be proud and enjoy the moment for which white women have enjoyed for 72 years! I hope black women have a better and more realistic view on a princess' life and how little girls should be taught about it. What is real and make believe because if they follow the predecessor's old course of action we will have a bunch of pissed off, no azz havin', big boobed sportin' psycho in the head sistas running around this country and as a black man that is the last thing we need!!!

Mr. Lovettelli Has Spoken And You Will Listen!!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


This was written for brothas but it definitely will work for any man!!!

A BROTHA SHOULD HAVE ... enough loot in a hideaway bank account to move out and rent a place of his own the minute his wife/woman starts tawkin that bullshyt. Even if he never wants to or needs to, he should still have the security of knowing that he can flex when ever the fuc he needs to...trust me you, she does. When she decides - with the aide and counsel of her girlfriends - that it's time to leave yo azz, she's going for the jugular. But don't be mad! Remember, all is fair in love and war. So, go and open up you another bank account...and a P.O Box. You bets believe she gots one. Trust me you.

A BROTHA SHOULD HAVE ... enough loot in his pockets to show a woman the time of her life, or the best evening she's ever had - at the drop of a dime. Fuc wasting your time trying to floss in a Hugo Boss, Kenneth Cole, Joseph Abboud, Ralph Lauren, Sean John, Dolce and Gabbanna, and all that bs. If your pockets are tight, that's all that'll really matter to her because it'll show her that you have the capacity and ability to give her security. Flashy name brand clothes on yo azz will not really mean anything to the seasoned veteran and trained-eye Jane Sleuth type of woman cuz they can spot a faker from a mile away.

A BROTHA SHOULD HAVE ...enough class, style, and finesse to take a woman out and make her feel like a queen WITHOUT the expectation of gettin' some puccy at the end of the night, and here's why: SHE DESERVES IT!!! Especially if she's a sista! White broads get special treatment the minute they are born; sistas been gettin' fucced since 1619 - literally!

A BROTHA SHOULD HAVE ... a youth he's content to remember forever....especially when he gets married or hitched. Puccy will never be as sweet again. Ever. Why? Because you're not 'chasing' her anymore. A man NEEDS to be in a constant state of the 'chase' and the 'hunt' in order to really feel like a man (rather than the man a woman tells him he ought to be). That's why women who are 'good' to their men are still wondering why he strayed.

A BROTHA SHOULD HAVE ...at least experienced one long term relationship with a white gurl. Why? cuz only through such an intimate experience/experiment can he rationally come to the educated and intellectual conclusion that the only woman for a black man is a black woman (fuc what you heard, find out for yourself)...too, the white gurl will give you the freaky skills necessary to sustain a good and healthy sex life with the sista. (they are the most uninhibited, sexually liberated and sexually immoral creatures on the planet. A brotha should certain do his fuccing apprenticeship with one of them.)

A BROTHA SHOULD HAVE ..... the number of a good mechanic. Your job is not to get under the hood and fix anything - you got a degree! Pay the brotha that doesn't have a degree and a career to do it for you. Your hands are for rubbing, not wrenching. Some brothas will let a broad tell make them think that masculinity or manhood is about some brotha being able to fix a car and take out the trash and all that bs. The real deal is that she's just trying to train your azz into thinking that it's your responsibility to fix HER car and take out HER trash. Its ok to help a woman with these types of things - especially if you fuccin her - but don't be her fool.

A BROTHA SHOULD HAVE ...at least 3 close females in his life, including his wife/girlfriend e.g the one that he WANTS as his woman; the one that he NEEDS as his woman; the one that he HAS as his woman. Balance is key!

A BROTHA SHOULD HAVE ...the ability to dazzle and delight a woman with his intellectuality. It's ok to 'keep it real' but keepin it real don't mean being dumb. You should be able to show that you've read a book or two, rather than spend all your free time honing your player skills.

EVERY BROTHA SHOULD KNOW... how to fall in love without losing his fuccin mind...remember, it's just puccy, and yo azz ain't the first guy to hit it, eat it, flip it, rub it down or whatever. That's why she can suc a dic so good, and that's why yo azz is sprung on them trics she be doin in the bed. (Somebody taught her.)

EVERY BROTHA SHOULD KNOW... when/how to set them traps when you suspect your woman of cheating. They are innately smarter than us, so it'll be hard to catch her, but it's not impossible. I suggest you start with her girlfriend; she knows everything, time, dates, places, hotels, etc. She probably even introduced yo gurl to the mutha fucca that's fuccing yo gurl

EVERY BROTHA SHOULD KNOW...that the can't change the length of his dic...but you can perfect your puccy-eating skillz. Remember, there's a reason why women are fuccin each other nowadays, and it's got nothing to do with the size of a man's dic.A BROTHA should NEVER allow a woman to tell HIM how to be a MAN. Unless she's a transvestite, she ain't never been no man, won't ever been one, and don't have a clue as to what it means or takes to be one.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Tapping your cell phone! (YOU MUST WATCH THIS)

Hey everybody, I don't normally post like this but I was watching this video on cell phone tapping and you need to watch this one!

It's very real and we all could be victims now or in the past but you would never know it! This includes text messaging where the preditor gets an email sent to him everytime you get a text message!

If you think it coldn't happen to you, think again it may have already may have happened but what your talking about is of no use to the criminal or law enforcement officials!!!

Get informed and be in the techno-loop and try listening for a change and close you mouth to here whats going on out there!!!

Mr. Lovettelli Has Spoken And You Will Listen!!!


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tasteful Germans' tasty Obama snack: Frozen Chicken fingers

A company in German has just introduced a line of snacks called "Obama Fingers": frozen chicken fingers with curry dip. To American ears this carries an offensive racial connotation Should the Germans have known better?
Daniel Nasaw

Obama Fingers. Photograph: AP
A company in German has just introduced a line of snacks called "Obama Fingers": frozen chicken fingers with curry dip. To Americans, marketing a fried chicken dish with the name of our first African-American president instantly tingles our sensitivity to racial stereotyping and racist imagery.

According to the archaic stereotype, fried chicken is a preferred food choice of African Americans. But Americans know it's just that -- a stereotype -- and that blacks here eat every kind of food whites do and everyone loves fried chicken. No American company would ever market a product like this for fear of being accused of mocking the nation's first black president by associating him with an ugly stereotype. The fried chicken association is ugly to me because it brings back foul racial stereotypes from our nation's past that I won't repeat in this space.

A representative for Sprehe tells the English online edition of Der Spiegel that the company was unaware of the racial overtones, which are instantly apparent to Americans.
"It was supposed to be a homage to the American lifestyle and the new US president," Judith Witting, sales manager for the company, told the paper.
According to its website, the company also sells "Hawaii" snacks -- chicken breast with pineapple and cheese, and other frozen treats. Meanwhile, Obama is known to favour healthful, locally sourced cuisine. A typical menu by his Chicago personal chef, recently hired at the White House, includes citrus salad with fennel, oranges and grapefruit, seared diver scallops, couscous and black cabbage.

I suppose German marketers who weren't reared in America aren't as sensitive to racialised images and subtle stereotypes. Should they have known better? Also important: If the German marketers were ignorant of the connotations, as they claim, is it still offensive?

Monday, April 6, 2009


This is something the fellas should know and commit to memory so that they have a tool to understand what a woman is saying. Alot is lost in the interpretation and if you know what is being said in code then you have a chance to do something different or fix a situation.

Put it in your phone, email yourself or put it on a business card and carry it in your wallet!

Be informed and always stay ahead of the game so that you are prepared for anything that might come down the pipe!

(1) Fine: This is the word women use to end an argument when they are right and you need to shut up.

(2) Five Minutes: If she is getting dressed, this means a half an hour. Five minutes is only five minutes if you have just been given five more minutes to watch the game before helping around the house.

(3) Nothing: This is the calm before the storm. This means something, and you should be on your toes. Arguments that begin with nothing usually end in fine.

(4) Go Ahead: This is a dare, not permission. Don't Do It!

(5) Loud Sigh: This is actually a word, but is a non-verbal statement often misunderstood by men. A loud sigh means she thinks you are an idiot and wonders why she is wasting her time standing here and arguing with you about nothing. (Refer back to # 3 for the meaning of nothing.)

(6) That's Okay: This is one of the most dangerous statements a women can make to a man. That's okay means she wants to think long and hard before deciding how and when you will pay for your mistake.

(7) Thanks: A woman is thanking you, do not question, or faint. Just say you're welcome. (I want to add in a clause here - This is true, unless she says 'Thanks a lot' - that is PURE sarcasm and she is not thanking you at all. DO NOT say 'you're welcome' . that will bring on a 'whatever').

(8) Whatever: Is a woman's way of saying F-- YOU!

(9) Don't worry about it, I got it: Another dangerous statement, meaning this is something that a woman has told a man to do several times, but is now doing it herself. This will later result in a man asking 'What's wrong?' For the woman's response refer to # 3.

* This is to the men so you know the early warnings that lead to arguments that you can avoid if you remember the terminology.

Mr. Lovettelli Has Spoken And You Will Listen!!!

Run-DMC inducted into Hall of Fame

The legendary Hip-Hop group Run-D.M.C. was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame on Saturday in Cleveland, OH - 23 years after taking rap music main stream. Rapper Eminem was on hand to present the honor and sported the group's signature leather jacket and fedora. Slim Shady expressed his gratitude to the legendary MCs stating, "Two turn tables and a mic, that's all it took to change the world.

When I was a kid growing up in Detroit, I didn't know what to be. Then came Run-D.M.C. I had never heard or seen anything like them, but I knew I wanted to be them. I had skipped school to go buy Tougher Than Leather the day it came out. As soon as I heard "Run's House," it was a wrap for me. Marshall Mathers became Eminem."D.M.C. also gave an emotional speech to his slain DJ Jam Master Jay, who was murdered in 2006, and thanked Jay's mother, who was also on hand to accept the award for her late son. "R.I.P. to Jam Master Jay.

Jam Master Jay's mom Connie Mizell let us create routines in her living room. We'd be there with the turn tables. She never told us we couldn't be there. I came up with the lyrics to "Rock Box" in JMJ's house. I want to thank you for not turning the music down."Comprised of Joseph "Run" Simmons, Darryl "DMC" McDaniels and Jason "Jam Master Jay" Mizell," The three kings' career accomplishments include being the first rap group to go platinum and sell out arenas, as well being pioneers in fusing the genres of rock and Hip-Hop. Some of their hits include "Walk This Way" and "Peter Piper." Their smash "My Adidas" also led to them being the first rap group to receive a major endorsement deal after helping popularizing the sneaker. Others performers honored in the ceremony were Jeff Beck, Little Anthony & The Imperials, Metallica,

Run-D.M.C., and Bobby Womack. Wanda Jackson was honored in the early influencers category. Sidemen honored were Bill Black, DJ Fontana, and Spooner Oldham.

Are You Ready To Be Rich Like Michael Vick???

Mr. Lovettelli Speaks,

So you want the cash, the house, cars and everyone to know your name everywhere you go? This is a peek in the world of NFL football player Michael Vick who signed a ten year, $130 million contract with the Atlanta Falcons in December, 2004. With endorsements he made well over $10 million per year. So he has the cash and he bought the house in the ATL. Cars, land, kids, fame and the girlfriend! You would think he has it made. Not so, as everyone knows by now. This is a story of "You can take the bot out of the hood but you can't take the hood out of the boy!" After being convicted of federal "Dog Fighting" charges he has spent some time in jail and is getting out and looking to make his way back into the NFL! Will he make it, God only knows but if he does I hope he learned a few things in the joint and he acts like he has some sense and do the right thing! Michael Vick comes from a less than desirable background from a poor community and a family who didn't have much and struggled like so many. He eventually made it to college playing football, doing very well with dreams of going pro and then his prayers were answered! Eventually he skipped his remaining season(s) in the NCAA at Virginia Tech after redshirting as a freshman and chose to enter the the NFL Pro Draft. Michael Vick was (is) a tremendous player but did not graduate. Where is he now? Most likely doing a bid with this guy that keeps licking his lips at him named Bubba.

Well this is a small glimpse in the world after football so far for Michael Vick. House arrest, house for auction/foreclosure and the place where he will do most of his house arrest which doesn't seem all that tough but who knows what will happen. I have pics and plenty for you to read so take a peek and see what Vick's home life was like before the dog fighting incident!

Vick will end sentence in posh surroundings
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Sunday, April 05, 2009

Hampton, Va. — Michael Vick will be a nearly free man soon, able to gaze at a placid lake from his five-bedroom house here or take a dip in his backyard swimming pool.
The suspended Atlanta Falcons quarterback will be able to exercise on one of the five workout machines in his 3,500-square-foot brick home. He could watch a movie on his 50-inch flat-screen television. Or he could just relax and listen to the birds chirping in the tall, thin pine trees surrounding his neighborhood on Haywagon Trail.

— sits on a half acre at the end of a quiet cul-de-sac of new homes.
Vick, who is serving a 23-month federal prison sentence for his role in a dogfighting conspiracy, is scheduled to be released two months early from prison in Leavenworth, Kan., to home confinement on May 21.
And that strikes Jacqueline Black as downright unfair.
“That’s not punishment,” said Black, who owns a year-old dachshund named Oscar. “What’s the point?”

“You do the crime, you serve the time,” one of Black’s coworkers said nodding as the two managed a housing center for the homeless next to the federal bankruptcy courthouse where Vick appeared last week.
Black responded: “What happened to the time?”
In practice, though, Michael Vick doesn’t appear to be getting special treatment.
Federal Bureau of Prisons officials declined to comment on the specifics of Vick’s release, and they did not respond to a request for related records under the Freedom of Information Act,
except for sending an automatic e-mail reply.

Generally, though, a spokeswoman for the federal agency said it is not unusual for federal inmates to be released early to a halfway house or to home confinement. Vick initially was to be released into a halfway house, but all such facilities in this area are full, so he was given home confinement, said Daniel Meachum, his business manager and one of his attorneys.
There were 1,881 inmates in some type of home confinement as of March 26, according to the Prisons Bureau.
Martha Stewart is among the most recent celebrities to undergo federal home confinement. She was confined to her 153-acre estate in Bedford, N.Y., for more than five months in 2005 and required to wear a monitoring anklet after serving time in prison for securities fraud.

The federal bureau’s policy says the agency shall let prisoners serve up to the last 10 percent of their prison terms, not to exceed six months, in situations such as home confinement to give them “a reasonable opportunity to adjust to and prepare for reentry into the community.”
This is critical in helping inmates find jobs and keep their noses clean, experts said.
“If you have ever traveled into other cultures and spent any length of time there and then tried to come back to your home culture, all of a sudden everything seems a little askew,” said Carl Wicklund, executive director of the Lexington, Ky.-based American Probation and Parole Association. “So you can imagine coming out of prison, which is a very different culture than the community.”
Federal policy says the Prisons Bureau may keep track of inmates on home confinement through electronic monitoring equipment the inmates must wear or by regular meetings or random daily telephone calls.
Some inmates may be allowed to leave their home for work. In those cases, they are supposed to maintain a 9 p.m. to 6 a.m. curfew, unless officials approve exceptions. A construction company already has offered Vick a 40-hour-a-week job at $10 an hour.
Keeping inmates on home confinement is cheaper than keeping them in prison because they pay for things such as their own utilities and food. It costs the federal government $70.75 per day, or $25,823 a year, to keep an inmate in prison, according to the Prisons Bureau. Depending on the contract the Prisons Bureau has with a local halfway house to monitor inmates in home confinement, the cost can range from $18.73 to $66.50 per day. Bureau policy requires inmates to contribute a quarter of their gross weekly income to defray the costs of the program.
Vick’s two-level house sits on a half acre at the end of a quiet cul-de-sac of new homes in a community called The Lake at Howe Farms. Hampton has assessed the property at $748,100. Vick says in his bankruptcy-court filings that he plans to keep the house for his mother, Brenda Boddie. Court records also show that most of the furniture and other items in the house are owned by his fiancee, Kijafa Frink.
“I’m happy he will be home because he will be able to spend time with his two daughters,” Frink said Thursday.
No one answered the door at the home Wednesday afternoon. But neighbors said they have spotted a woman, some children, and a family dog at the house. Several said Vick is welcome back.
“He was a good neighbor before he left and I’m sure he isn’t going to change,” said Vonnie Upchurch, who lives across the street from Vick’s house. “I think he got a bum rap.”

Behind the figures of Vick’s failed bankruptcy plan
Suspended Falcons quarterback Michael Vick testified in court last week that he is a changed man ready to take charge of his finances, but that wasn’t enough for the federal judge who rejected his plan to emerge from bankruptcy.
Judge Frank J. Santoro commended Vick for seeking to improve himself after spending nearly two years in prison in Leavenworth, Kan., on federal dogfighting charges.

http://www.falcfans.com/players/michael_vick.html (His Contract details)
But the no-nonsense judge told Vick the numbers simply don’t add up in his plan to climb out of debt, which totaled $20.4 million as of December.
Vick, for example, would have needed $1 million in cash to pull of his plan but could count on only about $210,000 for sure, Santoro told him. Also, Vick would have about $200,000 in annual living expenses under his plan, the judge said. But the only firm source of income Vick has lined up for himself once he gets out of prison next month is a $10-an-hour construction job.
Vick’s living expenses were based on him retaining three vehicles, including a 2007 Land Rover, a Lincoln Navigator and a 2007 Infiniti truck. He also planned to keep a home in Hampton, Va., for his mother, Brenda Boddie, and a home under construction in Suffolk, Va., for him and his fiancee and two young daughters.
Santoro suggested that Vick consider selling off more of his assets, including one of the two houses. The judge also told Vick he could face a $6 million to $9 million “hole” even after he pays his creditors.
“Your plan actually puts you below zero,” Santoro told Vick at the end of the two-day hearing in Newport News, Va., last week. “This plan will not work.”
Santoro called Vick’s other proposals to bring in income “speculative.” For example, the judge appeared skeptical about the one-page offer Vick received last week to star in a documentary for $600,000. Santoro pointed out that no one in the courtroom seemed to know much about the company that made the offer, Red Bird Entertainment.
Santoro also touched on another key part of Vick’s plan to pay his creditors: rejoining the NFL. Vick’s agent, Joel Segal, testified in bankruptcy court Thursday that he expects the NFL to reinstate Vick, and hopefully for the 2009 season. But, as Segal noted, that is not for certain.
The NFL suspended Vick indefinitely in 2007 after the details of his plea deal with prosecutors became public in his federal dogfighting case. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said he will review Vick’s status after he gets out of prison but wants to see true contrition from him.
Segal said the minimum salary for a player with Vick’s experience would be $620,000 but he predicted Vick could get a multi-million dollar contract with incentives and “escalators,” if he is reinstated. Santoro said those escalators and incentives had not been specified.
At one point, Santoro asked Vick how long he thought he had left in his professional football career. Vick said he had another 10 to 12 years left, assuming he stays fit and avoids injuries. But Vick is already 28, the average age for an NFL quarterback, according to the Associated Press, and he has exceeded the league’s 3.2-year career average.
Santoro told Vick he was a phenomenal football player but that he needs help staying on top of his money.
“You need to focus on your strengths … and let other people help you in areas where you are weak,” Santoro told him.
Sitting beside a team of his attorneys at a long table, Vick turned and waved at his mother and fiancee several times. He smiled occasionally but appeared tired, even fragile. He said he regretted the actions that landed him in prison. He also admitted that he did not do a good job managing his money and that he trusted the wrong people. But he vowed to do better, testifying that he had hired an accountant and would rely more on the advice of his attorneys.
Vick said that after observing fellow inmates in Leavenworth, he has “modified” his life and is well rounded. The former NFL star, who said he earned between $10 million and $12 million annually before he was sent to prison, is now being paid 12 cents an hour as a janitor in prison.
“I am going to live a different lifestyle,” Vick said. “I am not the same person.”

Judge rejects Vick’s bankruptcy plan
Newport News, Va. — A judge has rejected suspended Falcons quarterback Michael Vick’s plan to emerge from bankruptcy, but he is giving Vick another chance as he nears the end of his prison sentence on federal dogfighting charges.
Judge Frank J. Santoro called Vick’s plan unworkable Friday, saying it would leave the suspended NFL star with up to a $9 million “hole” on top of the payments he would have to make to his creditors. As of December, Vick had $16 million in assets and $20.4 million in debts, court records show.
The judge added that some of Vick’s plans to make money once he gets out of prison are speculative — including a $600,000 proposal for him to star in a documentary. And Santoro suggested that Vick should consider selling more of his assets, including one of the two houses he wants to keep for himself and his mother in Virginia.
“I am going to give you one more chance to come up with a workable reorganization plan, but that is your last chance,” Santoro told Vick, who wore a gray suit and white dress shirt to the two-day hearing. “I think it would be important for you to make the best of it.”
Santoro ordered a hearing on the status of Vick’s next bankruptcy plan for April 28. Vick’s attorneys, meanwhile, complained they have been handicapped in working with Vick because he has been imprisoned in Leavenworth, Kan. They asked Santoro to allow him to remain in a local jail here until the April 28 hearing. Santoro said he did not have the authority to do that but would consider ordering his appearance at the April 28 hearing.
During his ruling, Santoro called Vick a phenomenal football player who had “limited financial sophistication” and trusted some people with his money when they “may not have been worthy of your trust.”
“You need to have strong controls in place with respect to your finances,” Santoro advised Vick.
Earlier in the day, Santoro asked him if he realized that he had racked up about $3.7 million in bills for professional services during the course of his bankruptcy case, or about $13,700 a day for the last 270 days. Vick said he was aware of the costs.
Vick also testified that a series of financial advisers made bad investments with his money and inexplicably bought $90 million in life insurance for him and his mother, requiring him to pay $1.2 million in annual premiums. Vick also talked about how he has financially supported a large group of relatives and friends.
“I put a lot of strain on myself. It was a big burden,” Vick said. “I don’t know why, but I feel I was obligated to do that, coming from where I came from.”
Santoro commended Vick for financially supporting his family but he urged him to strike a balance, saying: “You can’t be everything to everybody.”
Vick said he has hired attorneys and an accountant to help him manage his money better once he gets out of prison.
One of Vick’s key creditors, Joel Enterprises, objected to his bankruptcy plan during the hearing. An attorney for Joel Enterprises, which claims Vick owes about $4.5 million, questioned Vick’s credibility and past money management while he was on the stand. Andrew Joel, a Richmond sports agent, filed a lawsuit against Vick in 2006, claiming he reneged on an endorsement deal.
“You have won. And that’s enough,” Santoro firmly told the Joel Enterprises attorneys at the end of the hearing Friday. “I think this process has gone far enough.”
Vick, who said he earned between $10 million and $12 million annually before he went to prison, is now being paid 12 cents an hour as a janitor in prison. He said he works an 11 p.m. to 3 a.m. shift. The time in prison, Vick added, has given him time to reflect on the actions that got him in trouble with the law.
As part of a 2007 plea deal, Vick admitted bankrolling a business called Bad Newz Kennels to raise and train pit bulls for dogfights on his property in Virginia and in other states. He said he provided most of the money to operate the business and bet on fights. He admitted to being involved in killing several pit bulls that did not make the grade as fighters.
“I committed a heinous act,” Vick said. “It was very irresponsible. I didn’t do all the right things at that point in my life. What I did was wrong. When you know better, you are supposed to do better.”
Vick also talked about a key part of his plan to emerge from bankruptcy and pay his creditors: rejoining the NFL. Under the plan the judge rejected Friday, Vick would keep the first $750,000 of his annual income over the next five years. After that, a percentage would go to creditors.
Vick testified that he believes he has a shot at being reinstated by the league because he is remorseful for his actions. He predicted he has another 10 to 12 years left in his football career, assuming he stays in shape and avoids injuries.
“If I do the right thing and show true remorse, I think I will have an opportunity” to rejoin the NFL, Vick told the court.
That wording is key because NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has said he wants to see true contrition from Vick before considering lifting his suspension.
The former Virginia Tech standout added that he has been staying in shape, reading, writing and playing basketball on a championship-winning prison team. Now 28, he said he wants to build a new life with his fiancée and children once he gets out of prison. He is scheduled to be released to home confinement at a house he owns in Hampton, Va., on May 21.
“I can’t live life like the old Mike Vick,” he said. “I was very immature. I was naïve to a lot of things.”

Thursday, April 2, 2009

"The 10 Sexmandments"

A conversation that I was involved in discussed the 10 Commandments of sex and adult fun. Here are some of the things discussed in great depth that came and rose to the surface! Men and women have very different ideas on what happens to people when sex is involved. This is going to cover either your married or single, bootycall or regular playmate. It may not be right in some peoples eyes but if your going to play at least have a set of rules that both parties have agreed on!

I would love to hear your input on this one!!!

1. gettin' your groove on doesn't have to cost money! Be creative, sometimes a hot bath for your lady and lotioning her body and a foot rub will get the juices flowin!

2. talk about your levels of sexpertise, not everyone is skilled in all aspects, so discuss what you both like to do in detail before the bedroom that way there are no embarrassing surprises. If you can't talk about it then you got issues and you need to keep them to yourself! Ladies if you can't have or never have had an orgasm please let us know so we can adjust accordingly!

3. have fun and enjoy it, like it was said before sometimes it's a sprint and other times it's a marathon and if you find the happy medium you both will enjoy it!

4. ladies, Eye candy, Eye candy, Eye candy! No flannel or ugly tore up panties, fix your hair, doll up a bit and fellas don't come from playing basketball or the gym right into the pussy etc...you know what I mean, again be creative, go shower and invite her to come with you. Always remember the women has the last say if something is going to happen so ladies prepare a little bit at least and guys always have a plan just in case!

5. ladies discuss with men when aunt flo is coming to town if this is your regular booty call or man! Nothing is worse then to get wound up and find out nothing is going to go down because aunt flo came for a visit!

6. fellas I can't say this enough, you claim "you got game" wel use your skills! Read your woman's body language and listen to her heart, breathing and if possible look at her facial expressions! This will give you gobbs of info on what to do, how much and when she is spent!

7. Cuddle fellaz if it was good and don't watch the damn clock! We are grown here and if your gonna hit it at least have time to hold her and stroke her because it might spin things up for another round!

8. ladies don't claim you suck dyck and like it if you don't! Be honest with your man if your not good at it and let him show you what he likes and enjoys and read his actions too! Don't be too proud to learn something new and as always not everything works on every guy, we are all different! Guys same for you, if don't like to dine at the "Y" don't fake the funk a woman can tell! A real lover will ask and see what "this lady" likes and is responsive to and every man can learn something new too!

9. if your a freak then act like it! Don't claim freak status then spend the whole session on your back expecting the man to do all the work...Remember, pleasing you is a full time job (if he is a good lover) and it is his main and only concern and to blow your mind and leave you in a whimpering pool of spent flesh and ecstasy! That is a pat on his back! Just make sure you do the same!

10. ladies stroke our egos too! If he is putting it down, lickin' it right and is concerned about getting you to Utopia then let it be known! Either whisper in our ears or scream bloody murder and let him know that everything is on point.


If things are not going well be nice to each other and don't hurt someone else's feelings because guys, you have a car that can be the result of a bad evening and ladies your reputation or verbal abuse is not something you want to come after the fact!

Bootycalls are between grown folks and if you have a significant other let the person your with know it...Fellas "man up" because if your game is so tight and she is willing to give you some knowing you have another at home or elsewhere then that's on her if and you hit it once or twice and then never again she knew that from the door. Ladies be strong as you some of you claim you are and let the guy know from the door you have a man and it's not an issue and let him decide if he wants to deal with any backlash. (We shouldn't be doing this in the first place if your already hooked up, it goes without being said but I know humans!)

If your accommodations don't warrant actions at home (his or yours) get a damn room and handle your business...not in the room adjacent to your babies who keep coming in the room or fellas trying to play with a roommate situation! Think and be respectful to others!

Guys bring your jimmy hats and always have a few close if you even think something may go down at any given time! Be smart and wrap up! Ladies don't wait for the guys to be thinking with the head on their shoulders. Get some of your own hats and keep them for yourself so you always have some...just in case you decide you need to get broke off! lol

Lastly, guys don't brag! There is a difference between getting a woman interested and wound up without telling here your dyck is a foot long, keep a little to the imagination! Don't give her any clues to if your packing or your overall skill level, let her find out for herself! (Its more fun that way trust me!)

Also to both men and women, we all have histories and more than likely your not each others first so don't ask how many women he is f*cking or has f*cked in the past and don't aks her how much dyck she has sucked and who she has been with! That's none of your business at this point! It's about you both right there and right now and all else is irrelevant! If she claims a freak status then go find out for yourself not because the fellas you know said so and if he is "mr. put it down" then ladies find out for yourself...hearsay is only as good as it's source, so draw your own conclusions after you have "experienced" that person for yourself!!!
Be Safe!

Mr.Lovettelli Has Spoken And You Will Listen!!!