Thursday, April 2, 2009

"The 10 Sexmandments"

A conversation that I was involved in discussed the 10 Commandments of sex and adult fun. Here are some of the things discussed in great depth that came and rose to the surface! Men and women have very different ideas on what happens to people when sex is involved. This is going to cover either your married or single, bootycall or regular playmate. It may not be right in some peoples eyes but if your going to play at least have a set of rules that both parties have agreed on!

I would love to hear your input on this one!!!

1. gettin' your groove on doesn't have to cost money! Be creative, sometimes a hot bath for your lady and lotioning her body and a foot rub will get the juices flowin!

2. talk about your levels of sexpertise, not everyone is skilled in all aspects, so discuss what you both like to do in detail before the bedroom that way there are no embarrassing surprises. If you can't talk about it then you got issues and you need to keep them to yourself! Ladies if you can't have or never have had an orgasm please let us know so we can adjust accordingly!

3. have fun and enjoy it, like it was said before sometimes it's a sprint and other times it's a marathon and if you find the happy medium you both will enjoy it!

4. ladies, Eye candy, Eye candy, Eye candy! No flannel or ugly tore up panties, fix your hair, doll up a bit and fellas don't come from playing basketball or the gym right into the pussy know what I mean, again be creative, go shower and invite her to come with you. Always remember the women has the last say if something is going to happen so ladies prepare a little bit at least and guys always have a plan just in case!

5. ladies discuss with men when aunt flo is coming to town if this is your regular booty call or man! Nothing is worse then to get wound up and find out nothing is going to go down because aunt flo came for a visit!

6. fellas I can't say this enough, you claim "you got game" wel use your skills! Read your woman's body language and listen to her heart, breathing and if possible look at her facial expressions! This will give you gobbs of info on what to do, how much and when she is spent!

7. Cuddle fellaz if it was good and don't watch the damn clock! We are grown here and if your gonna hit it at least have time to hold her and stroke her because it might spin things up for another round!

8. ladies don't claim you suck dyck and like it if you don't! Be honest with your man if your not good at it and let him show you what he likes and enjoys and read his actions too! Don't be too proud to learn something new and as always not everything works on every guy, we are all different! Guys same for you, if don't like to dine at the "Y" don't fake the funk a woman can tell! A real lover will ask and see what "this lady" likes and is responsive to and every man can learn something new too!

9. if your a freak then act like it! Don't claim freak status then spend the whole session on your back expecting the man to do all the work...Remember, pleasing you is a full time job (if he is a good lover) and it is his main and only concern and to blow your mind and leave you in a whimpering pool of spent flesh and ecstasy! That is a pat on his back! Just make sure you do the same!

10. ladies stroke our egos too! If he is putting it down, lickin' it right and is concerned about getting you to Utopia then let it be known! Either whisper in our ears or scream bloody murder and let him know that everything is on point.


If things are not going well be nice to each other and don't hurt someone else's feelings because guys, you have a car that can be the result of a bad evening and ladies your reputation or verbal abuse is not something you want to come after the fact!

Bootycalls are between grown folks and if you have a significant other let the person your with know it...Fellas "man up" because if your game is so tight and she is willing to give you some knowing you have another at home or elsewhere then that's on her if and you hit it once or twice and then never again she knew that from the door. Ladies be strong as you some of you claim you are and let the guy know from the door you have a man and it's not an issue and let him decide if he wants to deal with any backlash. (We shouldn't be doing this in the first place if your already hooked up, it goes without being said but I know humans!)

If your accommodations don't warrant actions at home (his or yours) get a damn room and handle your business...not in the room adjacent to your babies who keep coming in the room or fellas trying to play with a roommate situation! Think and be respectful to others!

Guys bring your jimmy hats and always have a few close if you even think something may go down at any given time! Be smart and wrap up! Ladies don't wait for the guys to be thinking with the head on their shoulders. Get some of your own hats and keep them for yourself so you always have some...just in case you decide you need to get broke off! lol

Lastly, guys don't brag! There is a difference between getting a woman interested and wound up without telling here your dyck is a foot long, keep a little to the imagination! Don't give her any clues to if your packing or your overall skill level, let her find out for herself! (Its more fun that way trust me!)

Also to both men and women, we all have histories and more than likely your not each others first so don't ask how many women he is f*cking or has f*cked in the past and don't aks her how much dyck she has sucked and who she has been with! That's none of your business at this point! It's about you both right there and right now and all else is irrelevant! If she claims a freak status then go find out for yourself not because the fellas you know said so and if he is "mr. put it down" then ladies find out for yourself...hearsay is only as good as it's source, so draw your own conclusions after you have "experienced" that person for yourself!!!
Be Safe!

Mr.Lovettelli Has Spoken And You Will Listen!!!

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