Friday, February 27, 2009

What Really Grinds My Gears….Ladies Speak!!!

So I was reading another blog from a sista who was speaking her mind and I had to follow it up and thought my readers would like to here what the sistas are complaining about.

Her blog is

Here is what she had to say!!! I'll give my opinion in blue after some conversation time at the cigarshop and we will see what some of the fellas think!!!

What Really Grinds My Gears…..

I hate when dudes sag their pants more than mine. 

I hate skinny jeans and the people who think that it’s ok for men to wear it. 

I hate when I get paid on a Thursday and my check is gone by Tuesday.

I hate Ques who are too damn owt.

I hate when people say I’m close minded when I don’t like someone, something or someone’s particular lifestyle.

I hate when people call Africa a country. 

I hate when people say I don’t sound like I’m from NYC. 

I hate all the yuppies moving in my hood. 

I hate all the black folk who move into hood and think that they are not gentrifying because they are black when in all actuality you’re gentrifying because you make more money then all the black folk that lived there already. 

I hate when people expect me to act a certain way when I say what school I went to or the opposite way when I say where I grew up. 

I hate when I have to give the people who makes sometimes $50K more than me, excel and PowerPoint lessons.

I hate that when a lady got laid off she got mad when she knows her arse hasn’t taken a Microsoft training class to update her skills in at least 10 years. 

I hate ring tones and the considerably auditory offensive ones. 

I hate sidekick phones. 

I hate chirping on nextels.

I hate women who ask me what car I drive.

I hate b*tches. Yea I said it. Firm believer that there is a difference between a woman and a b*tch. “Sisters get respect, b*tches get what they deserve. Sisters work hard, b*tches work your nerves…”

I hate that we folk can’t just have a good ole fist fight. People are either too sensitive talking about “People shouldn’t fight, blah blah blah” or are punks and go get guns.

I hate that people, despite my size, pick fights with me. 

I hate that my pops refuses to ever clean up after himself.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Octuplets mother offered $1M porn contract


Ok, somebody tell me who is going to buy a porn tape of "Octo-Mom" getting or at least attempting to get her stuff beat up??? No hurry I'll wait!!!! This is all kinds of wrong! First she has 8 kids on top of 6, then porn tapes? Does she have 8 usable spots for 8 guys...I'm thinking this is not going to go over too well with CPS, media, her family...who already are pissed off about the whole thing. Her mother has no confidence in her mental capacity or her ability to pull this one off. Her father is not even close to happy and became a grandfather moretimes than I think he would have liked!

Now I know there is some wierd stuff out there in the world of porn and I look back on the Lorena Bobbtt incident, ("memories of past domestic abuses raced through her head." Grabbing the knife, Lorena Bobbit entered the bedroom where John was asleep; and she proceeded to cut off more than half of his penis. After driving a short while, she rolled down the car window and threw the penis into a field.) That was wrong then and John Bobbit too ended up doing a porn or two after this incident. (after he healed up)

I know our society has that drive for the shock factor but come on is this really something people want to go see? She has already freaked out Angelina Jolie because there are rumors that she had plastic surgery to look like the actress and Jolie was disgusted with her and didn't want to be compared to the mother of so many!

I'll keep updating this one and we will see where it goes!!!

Mr. Lovettelli Speaks And You Will Listen!!!

The Southern California mother of octuplets is being offered $1 million to star in hardcore porn.

Vivid Entertainment spokeswoman Jackie Martin says the offer also promises a year of health insurance for Nadya Suleman and her 14 children.

Suleman gave birth to octuplets at a Bellflower hospital on Jan. 26, and already had six other children. The home the unemployed single-mother lives in is facing foreclosure.

Vivid says the offer was sent Tuesday via overnight mail and there has been no immediate response.

The offer letter says Suleman's video would be distributed under the Vivid-Celeb imprint, which has released videos starring Pamela Anderson and Kim Kardashian.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Chris Brown loses Wrigley deal, leaves L.A. on private jet

Ok Good People,

The "black Charlie Brown" with Michael Jackson trapped in side has gotten in trouble with the law. Teen Idol and teen heart throb, Chris Brown has showed his true colors! He "allegedly" has smacked around in some fashion female singer and "girlfriend" Rihanna. Enough to make him miss his Grammy performance as well and also for her it must have been serious smack or "POW!!!" because it left a mark (or two)! Later it was reported that she canceled her performance too as well as a few future engagements.

Now I don't usually have to much to say on the stars and what they do because I don't read or swear by People magazine like many folks do. However this guy has been a pretty good guy for his whole career so this is an odd story. Rihanna...nice looking girl, great voice but I'm sure she has her moments too! I don't want to start a rumor or anything but I heard somewhere that when women are really pretty "their really crazy" and if you don't believe me, aka Halle Berry or Whitney Houston to name a few or fellaz that are softer spoken or look a little harder in the music world turn "thug like" to appeal to more women! Sounds stupid to me but here is a story that looks a little fishy! If I come across more info I'll post it and give you Mr. Lovettelli's take on it!

What do you think? Is it about time celebrities behaving badly suffered consequences for their actions? Given that they usually seem to skate in the courts, is losing money the only way to teach them a lesson?

Mr. Lovettelli Has Spoken And You Will Listen!!!

Here is the story as released by the news agencies.

This week, it's Chris Brown who is learning there are repercussions to running afoul of the law.
Wrigley has now suspended all advertisements featuring Chris Brown, the R&B star who was arrested and charged with the alleged domestic assault of his girlfriend, singer Rihanna, early Sunday morning following Clive Davis’ pre-Grammy party.

Wrigley also canceled the popular commercial that played during the Grammys, which was to have featured performances by Rihanna and Chris Brown.

A company spokesperson told Us Weekly:

“Wrigley is concerned by the serious allegations made against Chris Brown. We believe Mr. Brown should be afforded the same due process as any citizen. However, we have made the decision to suspend the current advertising featuring Brown and any related marketing communications until the matter is resolved.”

Rihanna, who has bruises and a scratch on her face, has had to postpone a concert in Malaysia this week on her "Good Girl Gone Bad" tour.

Rihanna's reps alerted Malaysia's Pineapple Concerts that a Friday show would have to be rescheduled to an unspecified date "in light of recent events involving Rihanna," Pineapple Concerts told Associated Press.

Where are Rihanna and Chris Brown now? Us says Rihanna intends to go home to Barbados to be with family, and reports are that Brown boarded a private plane leaving L.A. on Monday. No word on where he went.
He has also pulled out of Saturday's NBA All-Star Weekend in Phoenix.
Brown is due in court March 5. Attorney Mark Geragos has been hired as his lawyer. This is the guy defended Winona Ryder for shoplifting and Michael Jackson for alleged child molestation.
Oh, brother.
UPDATE 04 Mar 09
Here is the updated pic of Rihanna's face after Chris Brown finished with her! I guess since the rumor is she burned him with a dose of Herpes many people say she got off lightly with just a simply beat down. I don't approve of his behavior but she did cause his stuff to quote Kool Moe Dee, "Three days later...Woke up fussing, yelling and cussing, Drip drip dripping and puss puss pussing, I went to the bathroom and said "Mama mia!"I'm a kill that girl next time I see her...But three days later, go see the doctor" and find out what the problem was. So now enter P-Diddy, he has since brought the two of them together to reconcile and start to make a mends of the situation. How does Diddy play into this? Jay-Z already is hot because Rihanna is his gem of a find in an artist and he has been doing good with her and now this. This could tarnish her image a bit but this is Hollywood and who knows where this could lead. The bad thing I think is that everyone loved Chris Brown and Rihanna and the fact that Chris acted like so many men have before him, including his father who supposedly beat his mom will probably scar him for a minute but in the end he will get a second surge of popularity as a bad boy or bruiser of sorts not the "black" Charlie Brown that dances as good as Michael Jackson. Rihanna however may have damaged many women for years to come because she a victim of Domestic Violence, she was decitful and she either cheated on Chris or she had Herpes and didn't say anything to Chris before they did anything and she paid the price for it with her face. Now women especially younger women will see it's ok to go back to their men after a beating and imitate what she did thinking she can change her man or fix him in the future. I don't see that happening and many more women are going to fall victim to the physical abuse of a man in the morning and be sleeping in his bed by that night! It's not right and I hope Chris gets help and Rihanna moves on!!! That's my updated view on this mess!!!
Mr. Lovettelli Has Spoken And You Will Listen!!!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Woman Sets Breast Implants Record: 38KKK

Hello All,

So tell me why??? What is gained in having the largest breast in the world? I'm at a loss for words and I'm not really impressed at all. I like most men can appreciate a nice pair of breast on a normal woman but this is too much. I think it has been said..."Too much of a good thing is a bad thing" and I don't find this as a good thing. this young lady obviously has a different sent of goals in mind by going through this procedure, her 9th! Can you say up and coming adult film star or headline stripper. I'm not trying to put her on blast...she did that herself but sometimes people take things to the wrong extreme. There is a link to her site and you can look for yourself and draw your own conclusion but the consensus agreement from men I got was this is too far over the top to the point that its not exciting! Take a look and you make your own decision on if this is something you can understand because I can't!

Mr. Lovettelli Has Spoken and you will listen!

Woman Sets Breast Implants Record: 38KKK

Thursday, February 05, 2009

A woman from Texas has reportedly undergone nine breast enlargement operations to become the proud owner of the world's largest breast implants — size 38KKK.

American doctors had refused to carry out any more operations on Sheyla Hershey, 28, when her breasts were a staggering 34FFF, but that didn't stop her from going under the knife for the record breaking surgery.

"To me, big is beautiful. I don’t think I have anything to worry about," the Houston-resident said.

Still determined to increase her bustline, Hershey jetted off to Brazil where there are no limits on the size of implants.

The surgery required a full gallon of silicone.

Click to view photos of Sheyla Hershey.

Her British ex-boyfriend, who initially paid for her plastic surgery, was dumped after he begged her to stop with the surgery.

"I loved him very much but I had to leave him to follow my dream," she said.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Woman's New Octuplets Are Doing Well

Hello good people, 

What do we have here? Woman has 8 kids without a father in the picture on top of 6 she already had! What a social scam and the best in history. Now before you get mad at me just think about it. 6 kids, living on mom and dads couch, $160, 000 dollars in public assistance after being disabled from work and the taking some of the money for invetro fertilization from eggs from a friend and having 8 more kids. Smooth move and I think she thought it out. She may get the free diapers from companies like Johnson and Johnson, formula, transportation, medical bills paid for all on a few minutes of painful work. I take my hat off to her for getting through it but damn is it really worth it? At least george Foreman and his wife have several kids (not twins) but they are a old school normal family. I guess the millineum way of doing things is "no man just a tube and get paid", I hope she has alot of help and the kids don't suffer in anyway and grow up to lead normal healthy lives. Hopefully they make it...Good Luck and God Bless!!! She is going to need it!!!

Mr. Lovettelli Has spoken And You Will Listen!!!

Here is the actual story.

BELLFLOWER, Calif. (Jan. 27) - Just think: eight cribs, eight highchairs, eight strollers (or maybe four double-strollers), and far too many dirty diapers to count.

A woman in Southern California gave birth Monday to the second set of octuplets ever delivered alive in the United States.
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Doctors described the six boys and two girls as a feisty bunch who made their entrance kicking and crying and seemed to be doing remarkably well, despite arriving nine weeks premature. They ranged in weight from 1 pound, 8 ounces, to 3 pounds, 4 ounces.

"We were fortunate that this patient was extremely strong, very courageous and able to handle these births," said Dr. Karen E. Maples, who is chief of service for obstetrics and gynecology at Kaiser Permanente Bellflower Medical Center and delivered Baby No. 8.

No pictures of the children were released, and at the mother's request doctors declined to reveal her name, any information about her family or whether she took fertility drugs before becoming pregnant, though outside experts said it is almost certain she did.

The chances of delivering eight babies naturally are "unbelievably rare," said Dr. Richard Paulson, director of the fertility program at the University of Southern California.

The babies have not been named yet, and the staff assigned them letters A through H in the meantime. They were expected to remain hospitalized for several weeks and could face serious developmental problems later on because of their small size.
"They are doing amazingly well at this time," said Dr. Mandhir Gupta, a neonatologist who was part of the team of 46 doctors, nurses and others who took part in the cesarean section delivery. But he added: "I won't be able to comment on chances of survival because we've never had eight babies born at 30 weeks before."

The odds of survival drop off dramatically in multiple births, particularly if there are more than three babies. The risks include breathing and eating difficulties and growth problems because their lungs and other systems are often underdeveloped. They also may have hearing or vision problems and learning disabilities as they mature.

In fact, the risks in multiple births are so high that when a woman is pregnant with more than three babies, doctors routinely recommend "selective reduction," or aborting some of them. But Dr. Harold M. Henry, director of maternal-fetal medicine for the hospital, would not discuss what took place in this case.

The babies were still in incubators and their mother had not been able to hold them yet. Three had oxygen tubes up their noses to help them breathe. The first four were expected to begin taking milk sometime Tuesday, with the others shortly after that.

"That's the biggest test," Gupta said. "We want to make sure that they start tolerating and digesting the milk."

The woman and her doctors were actually expecting seven children, not eight. The delivery team was thinking the hard work was over after that seventh baby was removed from the womb, when another physician spotted another little hand, Maples said.

The mother reacted calmly to the news, said Dr. Jalil Riazi, an anesthesiologist. "Her question was, 'Really, an eighth baby? How did we miss that baby?'" he said.

The mother had checked into the hospital in her 23rd week and spent nearly two months working with doctors in preparation for the big day. Mainly she got a lot of bed rest, Maples said, while the medical team repeatedly conducted practice sessions.

The world's first live octuplets were born in 1967 in Mexico City, but all died within 14 hours, according to Encyclopedia Britannica.

The United States' first live octuplets were born in Houston in 1998, three months premature. The tiniest died a week after the birth. The surviving siblings turned 10 in December and were reported to be doing well by their mother.
"It's wonderful watching them be together. They are happy to have each other. They're doing their homework right now," Nkem Chukwu said Monday.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

February Is Black History Month...Why Do We Only Get 28 Days???

Hello all,

As February begins it's the start of Black History Month and while I was listening to talk radio this morning I noticed something. BHM is for everyone who isn't black pretty much because most blacks are familiar with many of the significant events in black history that were positive and negative. It's for everyone else who needs this month for a culture class.

So if this is such an important month why is it in the shortest month of the year? Can we get two more days? It's in the winter time for most of the country and if we wanted to have a parade or celebrate this is definitely not the month to do it in! Have you been to Chicago in the month of February? Definitely not parade weather that's for sure!

Now I'm not going to say something like "since we have a black president we should get a different month...say one with 31 days" I heard this one from a obviously white talk show host who brought it up. It's a valid point and I'm sure in Washington when they assigned a month to blacks for history recognition the butt of the joke was "let's give them February, they won't notice!" Well Washington holiday makers we did but that's OK because many blacks will look to the White House and claim "everyday is a holiday" now that President Obama is sitting comfortably in the Oval Office.

So people this is BHM and this is your chance to teach not be pissed off or nasty if someone ask you something related to this month. You will get the dumb questions and statements and this will be your time to give them the full answer not the short condensed version. Let others know your proud to be who you are oh and your also black (you know who you are), teach and explain because if we wait for the schools to do it or people relegate themselves to searching the Internet they are only getting a single sided answer to their questions. Give them the personal answer that comes from you and your upbringing and remember in order for us to stop some of the problems with race we as everyday people need to educate other who don't know.

Now for those of us who have kids including nieces, nephew's and cousins we need to show them the "right way" of doing things and open there eyes which are closed just a little more than we as a community would like. Watch how we speak to one another in the presence of our children, show them that working is the "cool" thing to do, education is of the utmost importance and show them how to love themselves and it starts from within. Teach another how to listen because you cannot learn something if you don't know how to listen.

Spiritual guidance is a core key and we need to hold their hands a little more and lead them not send them on their way with a piece of paper as instructions. Give them the answers to questions they might have and don't sugar coat it, you might just wake someone up and change their path of their destiny.

I'm no scholar or prophet of sorts but I do like it when everyone has a common understanding and a common goal. Let's all come together and travel this new road to be enlightened, more knowledgeable and giving. Everyone (black or white) is struggling these days and we need to do something different to make the new road on this journey a little smoother than in our past.

Enjoy your month, be safe, educate and learn. We as a society are always in class so it's time to turn around and pay attention, you just might learn something!

Mr. Lovettelli has spoken and you will listen!!!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Men and Women are like Kryptonite To Each Other!!! LOL

This post comes from a great blog post conversation with a sista from San Diego and she has a website worth checking out but it's not for weak men in anyway and most weak men will be the first to say I'm not weak!!! You know who you are....

Thanks Ms.Perri
Author & CEO of Speak Life, Inc. & Perri, Ink

Men and women are each others kryptonite and we keep playing with that fire and getting burned and not learning very much because we go do it again! I think it's an equal "kryptonite effect" of sorts for men and women and guys always say they want a "church girl" but they didn't meet her in church but instead at the club showin' a little skin. The man liked it then so whats wrong with it later? She is a piece of a$$ in the club but if she becomes or is a mother then the game is changed...but thats what the man was looking for. Why do men go to clubs and bars looking for the mother of their child or the stay at home wife???

Now don't get me wrong the church girls are no saints either and a superwoman may not know how to let a "good man" assume the position of "head of the family" if their relationship grows to that point because she may not have had that or seen it in her younger years but that's neither here nor there but I think you get the idea.

Now if two people get together the man tries to be "Mr. Jealous" and have an attitude when another man looks at his girl. (stupid!) Most men look at Beyonce', Halle Berry or Jill Scott and these woman all have men in their lives yet their men have to accept the fact that other men are going to look at them, try to holla and that's whether her man is there or not. Brothas need to be happy and praise you have a beautiful woman inside and out and that other men are recognizing it! (Well maybe that's just me)

I'm lost because now he is trying to change her and we know we don't want to be changed but he is trying to change her into what he wants instead of what he wants to look at. That's what hooked him right? Now he wants to change the wrapper so another man will not desire her. If he was a truely strong brother he could look past that and not even bat an eye...most men are not men when this comes into play and they annoy the crap ouit of me and it makes the genuine good guys look bad and then we have to work 10 times as hard to get through to prove ourselves to a woman and right there we have already lost good growing time!

At the same time though sistas say they want a "good man" but often they over look the "good man" because he doesn't have the flash that we associate with success. Instead of looking at him as a whole package like "same job for 10+ years, no extra kids, works hard, time for spiritualality, funny and caring etc." many good men are overlooked and end up dating elsewhere or outside of the racial divides....and sistas wonder why there are no good men left!!! (remember "One Man's Trash is Another Man's Treasure") women you never get to that point because his car or flash isn't what you wanted or thought and you don't get the bragging rights with the girlfriends! This is the pattern woman never break!

(Just think about it, who do we talk about more in social conversations of friends...the hoe get a little convo and gets talked about or the married woman that gets the extended conversation about her because she has been married for 10 years to the same guy?)

Everyone wants to "party like a rock star" but they are not ready for the responsibility that comes with that! Careful what we ask for I guess! Ladies want a "thug" brotha but then they wonder why if they have a job that has events they are not comfortable taking him to her company function because he won't fit the profile for the job world...and guys want the video chick who has an a$$ that stops traffic but she is loud and sounds uneducated and can't take her anywhere because she always thinks some white woman is going to pull her man away from her.

We all claim to have "game" but we don't use it to keep our significant other we only use it to get them. A lady in the streets and a freak in the sheets is a little more than a lot of guys can handle I think but being men we will always try to have our cake and eat it too! We need to expand our dating horizons and do different if you want to meet someone different. If we always meet a person that we have dated at the club, stop dating guys from the club and go to Starbuck, the gallery, universities, alumni events or even the grocery store thats not in your neighborhood...We will never know whats out there if we never leave our "hoods" and explore!

P.S. I don't think this was a little woman bashing but trust me I love my sistas...crazy, loud, sexy gorgeous, strong, yet understanding in the end!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Superbowl 43...Arizona Who???

Yes that's right you heard it just like I did. The Arizona Cardinals are getting ready to go down in history win or lose today (4 hours from now) and who would have thought or saw this one on the horizon. Now, as I sit here listening to all the "experts" talking about all the different aspects of the two teams and I remember hearing the famous saying that gets said every year "On Any Given Sunday Anything Is Possible" so don't go to sleep on the Red Birds or you will wake up to a really wierd dream that will never stop.

I hope the Cardinals win today because it would set this town on it's ear and shock the world would be an understatement! 

Mr. Lovettelli Speaks!!!!