Friday, February 27, 2009

What Really Grinds My Gears….Ladies Speak!!!

So I was reading another blog from a sista who was speaking her mind and I had to follow it up and thought my readers would like to here what the sistas are complaining about.

Her blog is

Here is what she had to say!!! I'll give my opinion in blue after some conversation time at the cigarshop and we will see what some of the fellas think!!!

What Really Grinds My Gears…..

I hate when dudes sag their pants more than mine. 

I hate skinny jeans and the people who think that it’s ok for men to wear it. 

I hate when I get paid on a Thursday and my check is gone by Tuesday.

I hate Ques who are too damn owt.

I hate when people say I’m close minded when I don’t like someone, something or someone’s particular lifestyle.

I hate when people call Africa a country. 

I hate when people say I don’t sound like I’m from NYC. 

I hate all the yuppies moving in my hood. 

I hate all the black folk who move into hood and think that they are not gentrifying because they are black when in all actuality you’re gentrifying because you make more money then all the black folk that lived there already. 

I hate when people expect me to act a certain way when I say what school I went to or the opposite way when I say where I grew up. 

I hate when I have to give the people who makes sometimes $50K more than me, excel and PowerPoint lessons.

I hate that when a lady got laid off she got mad when she knows her arse hasn’t taken a Microsoft training class to update her skills in at least 10 years. 

I hate ring tones and the considerably auditory offensive ones. 

I hate sidekick phones. 

I hate chirping on nextels.

I hate women who ask me what car I drive.

I hate b*tches. Yea I said it. Firm believer that there is a difference between a woman and a b*tch. “Sisters get respect, b*tches get what they deserve. Sisters work hard, b*tches work your nerves…”

I hate that we folk can’t just have a good ole fist fight. People are either too sensitive talking about “People shouldn’t fight, blah blah blah” or are punks and go get guns.

I hate that people, despite my size, pick fights with me. 

I hate that my pops refuses to ever clean up after himself.

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