Wednesday, February 4, 2009

February Is Black History Month...Why Do We Only Get 28 Days???

Hello all,

As February begins it's the start of Black History Month and while I was listening to talk radio this morning I noticed something. BHM is for everyone who isn't black pretty much because most blacks are familiar with many of the significant events in black history that were positive and negative. It's for everyone else who needs this month for a culture class.

So if this is such an important month why is it in the shortest month of the year? Can we get two more days? It's in the winter time for most of the country and if we wanted to have a parade or celebrate this is definitely not the month to do it in! Have you been to Chicago in the month of February? Definitely not parade weather that's for sure!

Now I'm not going to say something like "since we have a black president we should get a different month...say one with 31 days" I heard this one from a obviously white talk show host who brought it up. It's a valid point and I'm sure in Washington when they assigned a month to blacks for history recognition the butt of the joke was "let's give them February, they won't notice!" Well Washington holiday makers we did but that's OK because many blacks will look to the White House and claim "everyday is a holiday" now that President Obama is sitting comfortably in the Oval Office.

So people this is BHM and this is your chance to teach not be pissed off or nasty if someone ask you something related to this month. You will get the dumb questions and statements and this will be your time to give them the full answer not the short condensed version. Let others know your proud to be who you are oh and your also black (you know who you are), teach and explain because if we wait for the schools to do it or people relegate themselves to searching the Internet they are only getting a single sided answer to their questions. Give them the personal answer that comes from you and your upbringing and remember in order for us to stop some of the problems with race we as everyday people need to educate other who don't know.

Now for those of us who have kids including nieces, nephew's and cousins we need to show them the "right way" of doing things and open there eyes which are closed just a little more than we as a community would like. Watch how we speak to one another in the presence of our children, show them that working is the "cool" thing to do, education is of the utmost importance and show them how to love themselves and it starts from within. Teach another how to listen because you cannot learn something if you don't know how to listen.

Spiritual guidance is a core key and we need to hold their hands a little more and lead them not send them on their way with a piece of paper as instructions. Give them the answers to questions they might have and don't sugar coat it, you might just wake someone up and change their path of their destiny.

I'm no scholar or prophet of sorts but I do like it when everyone has a common understanding and a common goal. Let's all come together and travel this new road to be enlightened, more knowledgeable and giving. Everyone (black or white) is struggling these days and we need to do something different to make the new road on this journey a little smoother than in our past.

Enjoy your month, be safe, educate and learn. We as a society are always in class so it's time to turn around and pay attention, you just might learn something!

Mr. Lovettelli has spoken and you will listen!!!

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  1. Black History month doesn't have the same meaning it did even a few years ago. Black folks are only into how can I get over. What can you do for me? Our favorite subject matter is, "Me, myself and I". Instead of blaming others and making excuses, how about we look at ourselves and be responsible for our own thoughts and actions. Now that would be truly, "Black History"
    Chocolate Papi