Thursday, February 4, 2010

One of Tiger Woods Playtoys Appears On Golf Balls

Twelve of Tiger Woods mistresses’ faces appear on a set of golf balls disturbed by the company Creative Classics and is called the Mistress Collection. The set is available at the website “Tail of the Tiger.” The slogan on the Tail of the Tiger site reads: He likes to play a round with them…now you can too!” (Notice the play on the word ‘around’). Though the golf balls are receiving a humorous reaction from the public, as reported in the video below, new reports have surfaced stating that at least one of Tiger Woods’ mistresses isn’t pleased.

Tiger Woods’ Mistresses

Joslyn James, who reportedly is one of the porn stars linked to Tiger, has retained the services of Gloria Allred and has voiced outcry over the golf balls. According to a statement released, Joslyn James is concerned that the ‘risk of violence against women may be increased because of the product.’ The golf balls have been produced and are sold online. They debuted during the PGA Merchandise Show at the Orange County Convention Center.

Joslyn James is expected to hold a press conference today with her attorney Gloria Allred. When that press conference occurs, we’ll bring you the video.

Tail of the Tiger Website

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