Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Breaking Down A Conversation About Tiger Woods (In a forum)

Hello all! This is a little bit of a forum I was in and the conversation surrounding the Tiger Woods news! I replied to multiple post on the subject with this one post so sorry if it sounds like it's all over the place but I was replying to many post at once! Just my opinions on some of the subject!!!

Mr. Lovettelli

This is where it starts and a young lady started the post! (Her words are in italics)

Hi fellas,

Im watching the media frenzy about Tiger Woods and wondering a couple of things 1. Why did he marry the help? 2. When is the black side going to take over and put this situation to rest? I can't amagine many real black men handling this situation in this manor. 3. Out of all the mistresses there could not have been one that was black or asian?

I think Y'all are missing some key issues here!

1. Tiger was a freak before he met ole girl and he was just looking to have the ultimate catch! Fellas know that if you’re going after the white girls by world standards it's the Nordic chicks and not white chicks from say like UK! Nordics are thicker because it's colder where they come from, they are all about the freak card and they do have some pretty women for the most part, they are tech savvy considering Denmark has the highest number of cell phones and computers per person per capita in the world. So odds are in his favor that she is not going to be stupid!

2. Freak Card! When Elin realized he was more than a vanilla lover she "CHOSE" to stick around because after all he is Tiger Woods! So don't feel sorry for her in this situation because she chose to be there and if his freakish ways were not her cup of tea then she should have left while she had a chance but NOOO!!! She saw his bank account and his commercials every Saturday and Sundays on TV and she weighed her pros and cons and chose his money, fame and status with his access to Net Jets and flying where he wants when he wants! Give me a break, she didn't listen to all the other women on the planet speak when they say the familiar phrase "WHAT YOU WON'T DO FOR YOUR MAN, ANOTHER WOMAN WILL!!!" Sista's will co-sign that fact 24/7/365!!!

Tiger's Accessible Jet With NetJets (Fractional Ownership Program)

3. The type of women he chose makes perfect sense in a weird sort of way! Ladies how many times have you heard of or experienced being cheated on and the girl the guy cheated with was with was not as attractive and you wondered why! I hear women saying why Tiger didn't choose Beyonce' or Brandi...well one reason is he already had a dime piece! Black or white is irrelevant the fact is she is very attractive, nice figure and she already had her own money! So what did he want??? It's simple and just that, he wanted the simple or average everyday woman. His wife doesn't stroke his ego and money, fame and status is not enough and she didn't provide it! Average woman will be in awe about who she is with regardless of the later tales that may surface! She will do "WHATEVER" Tiger is wanting so that they can be with him! Freaky and doing what he wants to receive the small gifts of appreciation...who says women are not prostitutes! They all have a price!!!

He has never had the normal dating life and he wants to date the average chick because he already has the ultimate looking wife! Ladies you can hate on her if you want but you don't make her kind of money as a model or doing appearances by looking like a scrub from the US regardless of your race!!!

"Show me a man with a beautiful woman, perfect figure and makes her own money and I'll show you a man who can't stand her ass!!!" Ladies this refers to what I said about the less than attractive woman be you out! She doesn't have to be fine she has to do the do! Tiger could give a damn about what these women look like within' reason of course but I bet he can tell you what they all can do and how well they do it and he doesn't get that at home!!! That's what he is looking for!!!

One girl even said ("Mindy Lawton told the British tabloid The News of the World she carried on a year-long affair with Woods that began in the spring of 2006. The 33-year-old restaurant manager said she and the golfer would meet up about every two weeks and that "all he cared about was lust." Tiger, I see a freak right here! Redhead, nothing fancy and if you make the call she is ready for the world!!!") You can read it on my blog on it here at Mr. Lovettelli Speaks Check it out!

We as average folk can't understand what is going on other than what the news tells us! Our mindset is different when it comes to playing at that level and most women will put up with alot when that kind of money is involved! Ask Kobe's wife, Michael Jordan or Shaq and see who left the limelight and the lifestyle? Elin is trying to save face at this point and she took the richest athlete in the world for $100 million or so and that makes her the true "Queen Mack!" She new what she was doing and it was a calculated risk and she gambled and took it!

So before you run off at the mouth blasting Tiger about what he has done or not, look and see if you have the same addiction or competitive drives and desires you will forego all else to feed that beast!!! Family is family but desires are deeper than that especially when it sexual in nature! Tiger will recover with or without Elin but I bet you once she is out of his hair he can do as he wishes and he has had the best looking woman and all it got him was headaches and heartaches!!! Sometimes being pretty on the outside doesn't make you so pretty on the inside!

I guess there is something to the old saying "Men get yourself an ugly woman because she will be the most loyal freak on the planet and will love you how you like forever!" A pretty woman is there to break your heart and drive you crazy!!!

A pretty face on the outside with a bangin' body is great but what’s on the inside get's you past day 2!!!

"I can't imagine many real black men handling this situation in this manor."

Citygirl , This is true but don't make it sound like Tiger isn't black because regardless of the semantics it's not what he says it's how he appears to everyone! First glance "HE'S A BLACK MAN!!!" Most everyday men deal with this all the time but the difference is it's not played out on ESPN all day! So of course they wouldn't handle it the same way! You can't!!!

Black folk need to get off the issue of Tiger being black or not!!! Most of you were not supporting Tiger when he was winning and going to the golf courses when he plays, buying up his gear so don't trip when he does something that all of a sudden makes "Black People Look Bad!!!"

Black folk weren't trippin when Russell Simmons and his wife Kimora split up but the ladies all own Baby Phat gear or wear Kimora's perfumes and stuff and the fellas are walking around in Sean John even though Diddy is not portraying what everyone thinks how a good black man with wealth would act but ya'll are supporting him left and right!

This just goes to show you that money or not most people can relate to a point about someone else's situation and we all need to remember that we need to be careful what we ask for because we just might get it and that may be more than we need or can handle!!!

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