Thursday, June 11, 2009

T-Pain's $400,000 Necklace And It Weighs 10 Lbs!!!

Mofo's wonder why people throw this word "Ni**a around so much! This right here is why, supposedly this is T-Pain and a 10 pound chain that he paid over $400,000 for.....Why???
So is this what we have come to??? The funny thing is no one is talking about the trust funds for the kids college money he stashed or the money he gave to charity before he bought that chain. The only thing you are going to hear about is that chain. What about the millions he put away for each child and baby mothers? He made sure he took care of his responsibilities before all the wasteful spending.
Trust funds for the kids and college money, that sounds great!!! Since he has so many kids and "baby mommas" did he move them all out of their respective neighborhoods and into homes he bought so they all saw another side to living a better life so that they will have a better education before college??? Nope! They're probably all still living in the same houses in Tallahassee with moms and grand moms and aunties!!! Now they are probably doing better in the eyes of their neighbors but are the kids doing any better?
He sounds like he did try to do the right thing in one area but he is not trail blazing in it not popular? You know how black folk do!!! It doesn't do any good if you have a lot of money and you live in surroundings that make trying to get the basics almost impossible.
Kudos to the person that designed it and charged $400k to any sucka that would buy it!! American Capitalizim at its finest! I would do it too!
P. Diddy made a statement that deserves mention. He told the press that "he would not wear bling as a tribute to the many people effected by the recession." Gee, thanks Puff!

P.S. T-Pain, rocking chains was played out 10-11 yrs ago! You need to be original with your stuff!!! Here are some suggestions you might be able to work with!!!

1. Platinum XBox 360 hanging around your neck

2. Diamond encrusted Wii or PS3

3. 24ct Gold 7Up Big Gulp Cup

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