Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Kickin' It With The Prez!!!

Brian Williams gets to ride in the presidential limo with President Obama and give the web world a candid interview of the President while he takes an unplanned ride in Washington D.C. to go have lunch.

So where does the President go for lunch? Some swanky restaurant that has been prepared for the President and any other time only the Washington elite go to dine there.

Wrong!!! President Obama goes to a local hamburger joint called "Five Guys" where when he just walks in. Then in a very authoritative manner and voice he tells the Secret Service agent that he "doesn't feel like waiting for the press corp" and he just jumps out and heads in to get some lunch! You have to like this man and he still has a true "Rock Star" like effect everywhere he goes and you can see it by the reactions of the people who are just there and in the area for lunch. He really has put this place on the map and I'm sure it's going to be a Washington/Presidential notable if it isn't already!

The President is getting ready to get his grease on and he likes to do this alone in the backseat of the limousine.

Watch the video and just check out how smooth, calm and in control the President is when he is just going through his day!

Maybe one day when he comes back to Phoenix he will come see me and have a cigar at Churchill's Fine Cigars In Tempe, AZ.

Mr. President, If you come to Phoenix and you want to have a cigar and enjoy it at the best cigar shop of 2008, come see me....I got you covered on that one!!!

Mr Lovettelli Speaks And You Will Listen!!!

Riding With President Obama To "Five Guys"

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