Friday, June 12, 2009

Obama excuses 4th grader from class!

President Obama writes impromptu note for a 10-year-old's teacher.

Hello All,

You see this is why people are going to love Obama! Here he goes again doing something that other Presidents may not have done and it makes him look very good in the world of PR and it made a little girl have a new person to idolize! President Obama lands and then quickly left the airport in limo for his town hall meeting at Southwest High School in Green Bay.

The president gets a 4th grader out of class with a note and I don't think anyone at her school is going to question the validity especially since it was on TV around the world and all the major news agencies are talking about it! This is where President Obama will be very successful in the eyes of the public. He does things impromptu, out of the blue and because he feels like it! My kind of President and if he keeps this up he will at least appear as he is trying to do for the people!!! That is a start compared to the last administration!

President Obama, do what you do and don't listen to the media, the people like this side of you and God forbid anyone actually like the President!!!

Mr. Lovettelli Has Spoken And You Will Listen!!!!

Some of the people who saw President Barack Obama at a town hall meeting in Green Bay had a long day, hitting the road by 6 or 7 o'clock in the morning, to be ready and waiting for him at noon. But many say it was worth it.
John Corpus was the second person to ask President Obama a question and he got more than just an answer. Corpus explained to the president he was there with his 10-year-old daughter Kennedy, who was missing school.

The president offered to write a note excusing Kennedy from class.
While he answered her father's question about health care, he gave Kennedy a note, excusing her absence from her last day of fourth grade at Aldo Leopold Community School in Green Bay.
"It says 'To Kennedy's teacher: Please excuse Kennedy's absence. She's with me. Barack Obama,' " said Kennedy.

Kennedy and her dad both thought the president was kidding when he asked to write a note, but now she has a priceless souvenir.
"Really cool, awesome. It's like the best thing ever," said Kennedy.

The president also recognized another youngster during his speech. He waved at two-year-old Grant Perry, and said Grant was waving at him.
"I thought it was very cool, but a little embarrassing because he was making some noise," said Grant's mother, Jessica Perry. "It's hard to keep a two year old quiet."
But not everyone with a ticket got in.

"I am actually really bummed," said Roni Santiago. "I was super excited because I found out last night, even though I applied for them on Tuesday, I think. I was really super excited to go and then it was really disappointing when I got to the corner."
Santiago had a ticket and said it was easier for her to walk to the event rather than take a shuttle bus But she says about an hour and half before the event she couldn't get close to the school.
But those who did get in were glad to see Obama, even if they didn't get a special note or greeting from him.

"It was amazing," said Jane Rufe of Appleton. "The president did a wonderful job of talking to us about health care and his vision and it was a wonderful event."
Kennedy Corpus, who got a note from the president says she will give her teacher a copy of the note. She plans to frame the original with her ticket.
Reporter: Becky DeVries

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