Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Today Show Host Meredith Viera Chides Obama For baggy jeans

What's up good people, So are we really talking about the president wearing loose or baggy jeans??? WTH!!! How can this be an issue with the most powerful man in the land?
Well Mr. Lovettelli is going to break it down for you so that everyone understands the real story behind the so called fashion faux pa!

Attention Vouge, Cosmo, CNN, MSNBC, Fox and every white person in Washington there are some things you need to know about black men and this includes the POTUS! (President of the United States)

Now I'm not sayin' the president is sagging or anything because he is not but as a black man I can speak for a quite few of them and from experience and a black man will get his pimp, playa or brah man card suspended if he gets caught pulling a stunt like that in public! The President pants are comfortable and appropriate (he is at a baseball game) and DAMN IT, he is the President of the United States and he can wear whatever makes him feel good! If the fashionista's don't like it, well that's too damn bad!

As if the media doesn't have enough to report on President Obama already, his attire to a baseball game is top news? This is a sad state of journalism!!!
Take a peek at former President George Bush and see what he wore when he threw out the first pitch during the St. Louis Cardinals’ season opener against the Milwaukee Brewers at Busch Stadium in St. Louis, Mo.

He has on slacks, who goes to a baseball game practically in a suit? I don't seem to remember this much hoopla about President Bush's attire for wearing slacks??? This is one of the few times you will hear me say "Its A Black President thing and you won't understand!!!"

"I'm a little frumpy,' admits president after being called out for wearing outdated Levi's at a baseball game."

Barack Obama walks out to throw the first pitch at the Major League Baseball's all-star game in St Louis, Missouri.

Obama was challenged on a television news programme about the shapeless, creased and hopelessly outdated Levi's blue jeans he wore to the baseball all-star game last week.
"I'm a little frumpy," he said on NBC's Today programme, after presenter Meredith Vieira ribbed him about his baseball attire. "I hate to shop, those jeans are comfortable. For those of you who want your president to look great in his tight jeans I'm sorry, I'm not the guy."

"For people who want a president to look great in tight jeans, I'm sorry." No apology necessary, Mr. President. The thought of our Commander-In-Chief wearing skinny jeans is a terrifying prospect.

The last comment may have been a slag on former president George Bush, whose Texas cowboy look provoked swoons from some voters during his 2000 run for the White House.
Obama's shyness about his physique even applies on the basketball court: He eschews the shorts typical to the game in favour of long dark workout pants and a tucked-in T-shirt.

On the rare occasions he allows himself to be photographed in short pants – or shirtless – the president has shown he has little to hide under clothing more suited to one's grandparents. He exercises regularly, even ordering aides to schedule daily workout sessions during the marathon presidential campaign, and watches his weight. In December the president allowed himself to be photographed without a shirt on a Hawaiian beach. NBC's Meredith Viera

"The sun glinted off chiselled pectorals sculpted during four weightlifting sessions each week, and a body toned by regular treadmill runs and basketball games," the Washington Post's Eli Saslow wrote in a typical media reaction.
Obama told the Today show that during his tenure as a state senator in Springfield, Illinois he owned only four suits, and that his glamourous wife would tease him when they would wear to a patina.

According to German fashion writer Bernhard Roetzel, author of Gentleman: A Timeless Guide to Fashion, even now Obama's attire could use a bit of freshening up.
"I find his suit trousers sometimes a bit too long," he told the New York Times fashion blog. "The president should also choose shirts, suits and ties with less contrasting colours in order to make his face look fresher - dark blue or black suits and white shirts are too harsh. Dark grays for the suit and light blue for the shirt would look better, in my opinion. And I never understood why the man with the biggest intelligence agency behind him didn't know that a white tie is not worn with a dinner suit."

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