Saturday, August 8, 2009

Top 10 Reasons Why Black Men Don't Date Black Women

This came from a brotha's blog and it was a non-scientific survey of brotha's that all are educated and are employed or business owners. Some are married and have or are currently dating black women. This brotha breaks down some of the stereotypes of sista's over the course of history and then put it out there.

Today's modern movies like "Diary of a mad black woman" and "Diary of a tired black man" are to movies that looked at the complaints of black men and women today so you have some kind of recent history to draw from with your own personal experiences.

I'm not trying to start no wars and I love my sista's and I don't plan on changing that in the least bit but I would love to hear what the thoughts are of all of you.

Here is the list!!!

1. Black women make black men feel under appreciated, unwarranted and irresponsible and regressive.
2. Black women are too aggressive and no longer patient in waiting on the pursuit of a man.
3. Black women are strong headed, too independent which presents great challenges in relationships.
4. Black women are masculine in that they are controlling and like to run the relationship.
5. Black women expect too much. They are gold diggers who will not look twice at a blue collar black man.
6. Black women are hot headed and have bad attitudes.
7. Black women stop caring about their appearance after a certain age.
8. Black women are not as sexually open as other races, especially in regards to oral sex.
9. Black women's tolerance is far too low; they are no longer empathetic to the black man's struggle in white America.
10. Black women do not cater to their men.

The link to the brothas website is here so you can read the whole blog. It's too big to post here but it is well worth the read!!!

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  1. So, I'm an exception??? I don't really think so... I tried very hard as a very young woman to cater to my man, love him, make him feel like a king. #8 was never a problem b/c I would do ANYTHING he asked. The problem was I had the wrong guy and he treated me like dog crap, wouldn't work, even came to the hospital after our second child with one of the White women he flaunted... OK, I was young and dumb. REALLY DUMB, and had screwed up self esteem, that I, 26 years later, am just healing. I also had that "Bad Boy" attraction thing going on. So now, yeah, #3 applies; not because I want to, but out of necessity. If I waited for a man to take care of the "man" things, I expect a lot would go undone.

    My personal story aside, there are a lot of women who have similar issues with Black men, we simply don't "cross the fence" as often as our brothas do. While our brothas keep their options open, we, believing we will disrepect our race, do without a man at all, rather than cross. We have been taught that a White man will only want to use us as whores, and if we "go there" a brother will never want us again.

    We, too, feel that men overlook women with "regular folk" jobs OR if we have managed to get a degree and a decent income, we are too intimidating. We can't win for losing either. We get tired of excuses for bad behavior, laziness, lack of drive. The "White Man" is not always out to get you. We know you struggle in a world that would rather have you in prison than in an office or university. But sometimes brothas give up too easily and just go sell drugs, which is exactly what "the man" wants, you in the plantation prison system. Sistas don't want to be hard, we are not born to be hard. We have been hardend by life, society, and oftentimes our men.

    One of these days we will stop bashing each other and sit down and talk. I hope I'm still around.