Monday, January 26, 2009

From Boys To Men!!!

My first rant! Time in and time out I hear women say they want a "good" man but when they are asked what is required to be a "good man" they can't answer it definitively. How is it you want something but you cannot convey what it is you want to anyone else except the little voice in your head? Boys and men complain that they are being looked at wrong or funny by other people. The way males dress, how they speak and attitude says alot...even before they open their mouth! As a dad of a 7 1/2 year old boy there are few things I think he should know and understand!

Here is my take on things these young men take for granted!

Automatic door openers should men still hold the door open for women or at least step aside to allow them to pass?

Novel idea! Boys should learn to show politeness. Allowing the opposite sex to pass first, it's just the right thing to do. Learn it now and it becomes automatic later and they can practice on their mothers and aunts and just see what the reaction is to their actions.

Microwave ovens and TV dinners
should spouses cook for each other?

Yes, because real men try or already know how to cook! If your a "mommas boy" and you need a woman doing everything for you then you need to turn in your "man" card! Cooking is does not mean a 7 course gourmet meal but TV dinners would be the minimum at best. Ladies if your man is trying and making the effort but remember that most people have kids and they will copy what you do. They see dad/boyfriend cooking and they will figure it's ok and "normal". Come on fellas cooking veggies, grilling a steak or two is as easy as it gets...just use some of that with your woman!

When you call your kids
is it ok for them to say “what” or should they say "yes" dad or mom?

If any adult calls a child that child should be answering at least "yes/no, mam/sir" and they should not be calling any adult by there first name!

Should men assist you
with seating at a dinner table?

This is a lost art and we should go back to a form of chivalry.

How low can our pants hang? Should adult men wear baggy pants and show their underwear?

I have a butt so I can't sag my pants but those who do sag may not know what that really means! It's tacky and it's not a style but lots of people do it. Young and old so where is the happy medium.

Ladies is it sexy?
Is it cute when women wear low rider jeans? Is that telling men that you are easy or is it sexy?

If your momma didn't teach you how to be sexy or classy and you can't walk into an office building and get a job then you need to cover up, loosen up and relax the look and change things around.

Videos Are we letting videos on tv and video games teach our kids values?

Moderation, is apart of the key. How many hours can you play a game...really? The games are fun, addictive and entertaining but if you can't get off the couch and move and do other things then you need your butt kicked at a minimum. Get a girl/boy friend and go out and do things. If you are over 25 and spend hours on the couch playing these games you need to pick up a new hobby! It's not attractive if your the top gamer over the "kids" on your block!

The Look Whatever happened to that look your parents use to give you and you would stop acting up? Why did that go away?

You can't give that look if your a kids too! Kids won't take that look from a young person as serious as they will if you looked like a older grandma! 30 year old grandmas are not the norm, let's don't strive to make this a goal.

PTA Should we be going to parent teacher conference night or are we too tired from work?

Trying losing sleep because your child needs help or going over homework! Don't get mad if your not involved in your childs academics! Don't throw a fit when the bad grades come home and you go talk to the teacher about it and end up getting your feelings hurt because your kid has been failing all semester! Be proactive and demand to see your kids progress before the end of the semester. Don't believe everything your child brings to you.

Kids and the TV/PC Should kids have a pc and a tv in their bed rooms?

Sure but take their door off the hinges! They don't get privacy till they pay rent or the mortgage! Simple!

SpankingsDo you spank your kids or give them time out?

Time out is a waste unless...Spank that butt and prove your still the parent in charge!

Daughter What age can your daughter have a boy friend?

If the grades are good, 16 but nothing serious and supervised visits with a parent. No privacy applies here too!

Beds Should kids and adults make up their beds before they go to work or school in the morning?

yes but you have to instill that early.

Speaking What happened to speaking to adults and announcing yourself and your presence when you first enter into a room?

Kids should introduce themselves anytime this will instill in them introductions in public.

Well this is a few things I was thinking about and I figured I would put my 2 cents in it. I'm not perfect and neither are you. Let's come together and let the village raise a child and alot of us will be better off in the end!

Mr. Lovettelli


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    As we enter BHM consider the past. Live in the Present. Plan for Furture.

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